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Mectron India

Mectron India is a subsidiary of Mectron Spa, Italy. They develop and manufacture Piezo electric Scalers, LED Lites, Air polishing Systems and a Bone Surgery Equipment (Piezosurgery) with a patent Worldwide.

Mectron - India is one of the fast growing Dental Company in India, well recognized in the dental fraternity for dealing the best quality products and providing the best professional after sales service. Mectron is a company committed to creating and producing the finest dental equipment to meet the highest clinical standards and to the ever demanding dental professionals. All products that are produced directly by Mectron and those Products and Companies that Mectron Represents in India, offer cutting-edge technology, making the dental professional achieve clinical efficiency.

The perfect match between India's multifaceted customer profile and Mectron - India's diverse range of products offers customers benefits, led to Mectron - India being identified as one Professional Company in India with proven track record of Efficient After sales Service and Professional outlook.

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